George Clooney Will Be the Casino Owner in the Upcoming 'Oceans Eleven' Reboot

George Clooney Will Be the Casino Owner in the Upcoming ‘Oceans Eleven’ Reboot

The upcoming reboot of the classic Rat Pack movie, Oceans Eleven, will have George Clooney stepping into the role of casino owner. This isn’t a new role for Clooney; he has starred in various films as a casino owner or operator. In Ocean’s Eleven, he will play the part of Terry Benedict who owns the casinos in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The rest of the cast is still being finalized but there are already rumors that Matt Damon and Brad Pitt will be returning to their roles from the original film. The film is set to begin filming in early 2019 and is expected to be released later that year.

This reboot is just one in a long line of films being produced by Warner Bros. as they look to capitalize on the popular Oceans franchise. They have also announced plans for an Oceans Eight spin-off movie which will focus on Danny Ocean’s sister Debbie (played by Sandra Bullock) and her team of female thieves.

This isn’t Clooney’s only upcoming project; he is also set to star in a Hulu miniseries based on the life of Joseph Heller called Catch-22. The series is set to air in 2019 and will be produced by Paramount Television.

George Clooney Plans to Continue His Role as Casino Owner in Upcoming Movies

George Clooney is an American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter. He has received three Golden Globe Awards for his work as an actor and two Academy Awards—one for acting and the other for producing.
In recent news, Clooney plans to continue his role as casino owner in upcoming movies. Clooney has been seen around town with a different casino owner’s hat on.
When asked by a reporter what he was up to, Clooney grinned and said, “Just another day at the office.”
This isn’t the first time Clooney has played a casino owner on the big screen. His first portrayal was in the 2013 movie The Monuments Men. Clooney is no stranger to playing interesting characters; he’s often called upon to take on roles that are multi-layered and complex.
Besides acting, Clooney also produces films. In this arena, he’s had just as much success as he has with acting. In fact, his production company Casamigos won an Oscar in 2017 for best documentary short subject.
Casamigos was founded by Clooney and friends Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman in 2013. The company produces tequila under the same name.
It will be interesting to see how Clooney’s new movie fares at the box office; especially since he’s attached to it as both actor and producer.

Could George Clooney’s Role as Casino Owner be in Jeopardy?

It’s been a little more than a year since George Clooney and partners officially opened the doors of their new casino, the Palazzo, in Las Vegas. The luxurious casino resort has been doing well, but new allegations could mean bad news for Clooney’s business venture.

According to reports, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating the Palazzo for possible securities violations. Specifically, investigators are looking into whether the casino was improperly promoting its ownership by Clooney and other celebrity investors.

The SEC is said to be particularly interested in a promotional video that was released shortly before the Palazzo opened. The video features Clooney and other celebrities discussing their investment in the casino. It’s not clear what, if any, laws were violated with the promotion, but it could spell trouble for Clooney and his partners.

This isn’t the first time that Clooney has been embroiled in a legal battle over his casino. Last year, he and his partners were sued by workers at the Palazzo who claimed they were not being paid fair wages. The workers eventually reached a settlement with the casino owners.

It remains to be seen what will happen with the latest SEC investigation, but it could spell trouble for Clooney’s role as casino owner.

What Caused George Clooney to Quit His Role as Casino Owner?

A little over a year ago, George Clooney announced he was quitting his role as casino owner. At the time, no one knew why. But now we may have an answer.

Last week, it was revealed that the state of Ohio had revoked the casino’s license because of financial improprieties. Clooney and his partners had been accused of skimming money from the casino’s coffers.

This may not have come as a surprise to Clooney. He has long been known for being a very savvy businessman. It’s likely that he realized the casino was in trouble and decided to cut his losses.

Clooney has always been a risk taker, but he’s also a very smart one. He knows when to pull out of a venture that isn’t going well. And he’s never been shy about admitting defeat.

Clooney has had an incredible career, and this latest setback is not likely to change that. He is still one of the most popular actors in Hollywood and his career shows no signs of slowing down.

George Clooney: The New Casino Owner for ‘Oceans Eleven’!

Casino fans were thrilled to hear the news that George Clooney is set to produce and star in a reboot of 2001’s ‘Oceans Eleven’. The original film, which was directed by Steven Soderbergh and starred George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, was a box office success.

Clooney will be taking on the role of Danny Ocean, originally played by Pitt, in the new movie. It is not yet known whether any of the other original cast members will be returning, but with Clooney at the helm it is sure to be a hit.

The plot of the new movie is being kept under wraps, but it is thought that it will follow the same basic premise as the original. That is, a group of criminals team up to rob a casino.

Given Clooney’s experience as an actor and producer, it is safe to say that this new ‘Oceans Eleven’ movie is in good hands. In fact, he has already proven himself to be a successful casino owner – his latest venture, Casamigos Tequila, was recently sold for $1 billion!

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